A Rant on the Future of Steampunk Events

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4 thoughts on “A Rant on the Future of Steampunk Events

  1. There seems to be a few branches of Steampunk and there are changes being made that are not necessarily needed.
    I love steampunk because of how true and different it is. I love antiques and oddities; and through steampunk, I can meet people that have the same interests as I. Love the stories that are coming out and have been around. Love how everyone builds/makes something that a lot of today’s generation doesn’t know how to do and if they want to learn, we’re willing to teach.
    Never liked the party mentality of events and you’re right. The whole point of a convention is to meet, talk, learn and grow. If I wanted to go to a party, I would just go to a club or something.

    I also wish to see more growth with steampunk as time goes on.
    My goal is to try to bring more awareness of steampunk to everyday people; either by videos, books, or conversations.

  2. This seems to be common across the community… the people who just want to be the center of attention and then the rest of us makers / creators and such.. and we are made to feel like an inconvienence sometime. The only time people look to you is when they want something from you…