Creating my Steampunk Costume

Making a metal arm (and a few other things) for my steampunk costume.
I hope you enjoy this video and learn a thing or two (probably what not to do).
This project was fun and I really like the final result. If you’ve noticed from my new channel icon, I’m going to be using this look for future videos as why wear normal clothes when I have a top hat and goggles laying around?
Check out Historical Emporium because I feel bad about what I did:

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4 thoughts on “Creating my Steampunk Costume

  1. It was fun watching my normal design/maker process played out on screen by you. I currently have deconstructed vegetable steamers and drill guts lying about waiting to be used for steampunk gadgets and a raygun respectively. If you have a power drill handy, I recommend you invest in a set of step drill bits. They make drilling out and resizing of holes so much easier.