Hogwarts Legacy – All Costumes / Outfits Showcase (4K 60FPS) 2023

Hogwarts Legacy all suits / costumes / outfits / clothes

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41 thoughts on “Hogwarts Legacy – All Costumes / Outfits Showcase (4K 60FPS) 2023

  1. You don't have the treasure hunter scarf. It's a custom scarf you get from a quest called Ghost Of Our Love. You are also missing the robe you can get from The Daedallan Keys Quest.

  2. Here's what I'm still trying to figure out:

    You all know how each wearable item you find has its own statistics and all that?

    Well, you know how when you sell an item, its "appearance" stays in your options so you can make whatever you're wearing look like that item you once found and then sold?

    Well, when you make whatever your wearing take the "appearance" of that now-sold item, does it also take on the sold item's statistics/abilities as well as it's appearance?

    Or does it still keep the original statistics of whatever you were originally wearing and only change the appearance?

  3. I regret not making my wand black I didn’t realize you couldn’t change it later on I just thought black was so plain bc it had no spiral pattern but I didn’t know you could get handles and stuff till later on

  4. Please tell me that Appearances carry over to subsequent playthroughs… if they don't, they should. I loathe having to go back and unlock all the same cosmetics all over again. It's like how cosmetics worked in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order before they added New Game+.