I pretend to be a boy in Royale High for the 69th time.

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people in royale high are wildddddd
since you guys requested this so much, i shall do as you wish!!!! (i love doing this series)
also the guy in thumbnail is eik ok (i think)

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38 thoughts on “I pretend to be a boy in Royale High for the 69th time.

  1. This is why I’m so excited to become 13th so that way I can just scream stop stop it stop it to people for no reason and then die of laughter

  2. Valentines….valentines…………JANIPHORIA: Very Kind person, Very funny & Likes to be the jackey boo for everyone……And yes I know you do🤭.
    FOR ME: 🥴……………….Dont ask
    FOR CALLMEBOB: I'm sorry i didn't tell you later callmebob……. But….I gave you that ring on valentines…

  3. Учу английский и хочу на курсы английского ради того чтобы понимать эти видео лучше и не пользоваться субтитрами(хоть они и англ). И есть ли здесь еще русскоговорящие?