Knights & Nobility Costumes | Hadrian Faction | Reckoning LARP

Ben and Abby build new nobility-inspired LARP kits for the Hadrian faction at Reckoning LARP. Watch as we make these costumes from the ground up and go on a promotional photoshoot for Reckoning!







Find all weapons we used at
(Use this link and we will get a portion of the proceeds to use to buy more props for the show!)


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8 thoughts on “Knights & Nobility Costumes | Hadrian Faction | Reckoning LARP

  1. I play priest. And its great. Basically nothing has changed in the last like 1000 years, so its just the same as modern catholic or orthodox lithurgical garments. I did a lot of reading on it, and while its a bit more expensive in practice, its working quite great.

    I dont have crosses and fish embroidered tho, because I play a lot of fantasy and I am personally not a huge fan of christianity.

  2. Contemplating what I should do for next year when I can go to reckoning. I have half plate armor. I also have leather armor and a green cloak as well as other things might make a helm with a plague mask for my character.

  3. Alas for me the necessary time off won't be there this year, but I'm making early plans for next year! I've been interested in a chainmail hauberk for a while and I wonder what you think of the one you have?