Making a Steampunk service droid!

I make a little robot for my cosplay. Featuring lighting and full animatronics.
Making the box:
Making the helmet:

James Brutons channel: @jamesbruton


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25 thoughts on “Making a Steampunk service droid!

  1. I would suggest using weathering pigments/washes for weathering instead of actual grease. grease is just going to get everywhere, and you can't use a sealer on it as far as I'm aware. Other than that, absolutely epic

  2. Really amazing skill set you have, impressive stuff. Love the final result. I scratch build my bots from ca glue, cardboard and scrap plastic… not as impressive! 😅 well done and thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Damn nice looking build with some great articulation and smooth movement by the end. Fairly good balance of detail with the parts and construction, although the music was decidedly louder than the rest of the video and about blew out my eardrums with the headphones on…(LOL) Might want to look at balancing the sound output between the voice parts and the music montages. The nods to other builders and those who inspired you was a nice touch and nicely illustrated both the collaborative effect of learning from others as well as those who have done some of the hard work to make it a bit easier for the rest of us. I am not a rabid "safety fanatic" per se, but you might want to use some neoprene gloves or at least some 'Workman's Friend' or "Silicon Glove" skin barrier creme to protect your hands a bit from getting torn up by your projects… I paid the price in industrial workplaces until I started using those.

    Overall, good enough video to earn a sub, I love building mechatronics for theatrical and entertainment. Welcome to the the "club"! Some fine work, great attention to detail, and a talent for it overall! 👍 I look forward to what you build next!

  4. If you keep making content anywhere near this quality and keep making rad stuff, you will be successful on YouTube. I'm shocked you don't have a million subs, but everyone starts with none so no biggie. Keep up the good work. 🤙

  5. Just found your channel. You did a really wonderful build there. Sparky didn't look too happy when you were weathering him. I've never heard of filling layer lines with rub and buff. I've been using wood putty watered down and lately have tried auto body glazing putty (sorry I know you aren't able to get that in the UK) thinned with acetone. Both work but still require lots of work for the best results. Your printer parts turned out looking very good. Looking forward to future builds. Subscribed.