Making Renaissance Faire Accessories Ep. 01: Mushroom Fairy Ears & Skirt Hikes – DIY Crafts

Let’s make some fantasycore / fairycore accessories for our ren faire costumes! In this episode I craft some skirt hikes out of thefts belts, and paint some ears to look like shroomies!

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21 thoughts on “Making Renaissance Faire Accessories Ep. 01: Mushroom Fairy Ears & Skirt Hikes – DIY Crafts

  1. i know youโ€™ve talked about it but can you show how you (or your husband) make a sword back holder? want to carry my sword but itโ€™s too long and awkward for my waist belt

  2. For setting your studs, a hammer is fine. A wood mallet is a little better though. The hammer is more likely to damage the studs or dent the leather.

    Love these ideas though! I've got two more weeks til Ren Faire and am SCRAMBLING.

  3. Whenever you mention your skirt hikes in other videos, I always wished to learn how to make for my Ren faire. Then you post this, show how to make them, and decorate your elf ears! I'm super excited. The closest Ren faire is in May, but I am already getting so excited for it. Thank you for sharing this. I definitely want to try this out and figure how to make the tankard one too! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. Okay this might be a weird thing to point out, but I just watched Rachel Maksy's new video where she does a closet purge and she ends up dyeing one of her old dresses a mustard yellow and I think you and her have the same dress! (The purple/mauve dress you are wearing in your intro and the last dress she shows in her closet purge video ) Anywho, love what you do and hope you have fun at the Ren Fair!

  5. I love the skirt hikes!!!!! My dad used to work at a company that made leather photo albums and he would bring me lots of leather scrap. I have a ton of leather strips and Iโ€™ll use them to make skirt hikes!!! Maybe some harness belts too. โคโค

  6. While I like the old fashioned font in the captions, it's not very accessible or readable, especially for visually impaired or dyslexic people. Sans serif fonts are best for readability!