Measuring You For Your Hero Costume ASMR

Pepper is here to take your measurements and give some advice on your new hero costume! Can you guess which character you are?

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32 thoughts on “Measuring You For Your Hero Costume ASMR

  1. I don't see why super heros need all these crazy outfits just give me some pants and a shirt and I will be on my ways. like I can see hulk because he needs the pants for him and bruce banner kinda being his whole suit and people who wear it because the suit is their power example doctor fate or blue beetle, or because its apart of their culture example wonder woman, or people like batman iron man or black panther but really unless it's for power culture or tech superheros really don't need super suits because the suits barely hide their identity that much, and the mask would be hard to breathe in that's just my take though.

  2. You look kinda like one of my friend's daughters who lives in MA. She showed me some heavy bands I wound up liking (Northlane & Lorna Shore & a couple others in that vein.) Her father is totally classic rock, older than me and nuts, but funny AF to chill with, drink with & watch lose $ on Keno gambling games at the pub. Your mannerisms are even kinda similar to hers even when you're in character and the first speaking voice I heard you use. I swear you could be related.

  3. Im something of a designer myself

    Was that a spiderman reference to the

    Im something of a scientist myself voiceline from Norman Osborne

    Because You Know How Much I've Sacrificed

  4. Very Great Video!
    One thing i do want to note, is (no hate on the roleplay, its not really properly explained in the show), is Todorokis first costume was him acctually rebelling against his father. The costume was made to look like realistic ice covering his fire side that he despised.
    However, after the Sports festival, he got his costume redesigned to be a lot more practical, and allow for better use of his fire while being more open.
    His costume change comes to represent his growth as a character (Alongside many other costume changes. Each one has a purpose and is genuinely attached to that characters development.)

    Other notable costume changes include Denki's Cannon device, which represents him becoming smarter, and not being nearly as risky with his fighting style. He is always portrayed as the dumb kid, and his quirk doesnt help with that. the tool helps show how hes overcoming that.

  5. Мне немного грусно, что ты так и не надела эти шикарные очки на своей голове, чтоб снять мерки чего нибудь мелкого…
    Также как насчёт того, чтоб ставить камеру значительно выше/ниже, чтоб отыгрывать гигантов или крохотных существ ?
    Очередная идея – издавать звуки нечеловеческих существ (как серия про пришельца) но подключить субтитры так, чтоб они всё переводили
    Ну и как ты относишся к тому, чтоб chatGPT помогал писать тебе сценарии ?
    Ещё я хочу сказать, что мне очень нравится твое творчество, ты действительно очень крута )