My Whimsical Favorite Brands That I’ve Worked With! – Cottagecore, Fantasy, and Steampunk

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Here are some brands that make cute, whimsical, nerdy and cool clothes and accessories that I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Most items were gifted, however I love them all and would 10/10 recommend! So if you like: Fairycore, Hobbitcore, Steampunk, Cosplay etc, these businesses are for you!

Heroes & Villains:
Leafling Bags:
Costurero Real:
Uchronic Time:

FTC Disclosure: Some links above are affiliate links.

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Zelda Shop Trap Remix:
Zelda & Chill music by Mikel & Gamechops:

Able Sisters – Helynt & GameChops

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cosplay suits Each of our high-quality cosplay costumes is designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. We believe that every fan deserves the chance to become their favorite character without having to sacrifice authenticity. Our costumes are made from the finest materials available, and our team of skilled craftsmen and women work tirelessly to create costumes that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

21 thoughts on “My Whimsical Favorite Brands That I’ve Worked With! – Cottagecore, Fantasy, and Steampunk

  1. If this is the first video you're seeing of mine um… 👁👄👁 .. I have better videos lol – This week I was feeling kinda off but I'm working on a lot of excited projects that I can't wait to share! ♥

  2. You know how neurodivergent People always find each other? I highly doubt anyone here minds your chaos, we rather very much relate to it 😅

    How do you rate Sondeflor's sizing? I've been eyeing some of their dresses on a secondhandapp but don't know what size to get.

  3. Would love to see more content like this! Very helpful to know of smaller businesses to support that create these vibes and to know they're worth it. ☺ Love love Leafling Bags too! Gotta check out the others you've shown in the video!

  4. Okay now that I've actually finished the video, I just have to say A FAN HOLSTER???!?!?!?!? IS AMAZING!!! I showed it to my sister (we are both plus sized, and she lived in Florida for a While), and we are in awe and need those in our lives. Also, do you have a particular brand/kind of fan that you use? The only ones I've really seen are, like, the Dollar Tree play ones or the cheap ones at, like Asian souvenir shops.

  5. I had to pause specifically to comment about your word glitch over specialty – I do the exact same freaking thing over 'specialist' – I apparently said or spelled it too many times in a row and now not only does it no longer sound like a real word, it also, in my bones, feels like it should be 'specialTist."

    Okay, back to the video.

  6. Literally one of my favorite videos- it’s so much easier to watch one video and get amazing ideas and brands then have to scroll through looking at reviews of individual stores. Love this concept be bold don’t apologize cuz what you may think is eh is someone else’s bread and butter 😂

  7. Love the video and saw some items that I didn't know I needed lol. So excited for you next video. Just wanted to ask is there anything that I need to do for the giveaway before the video? Also wanted to relate a story from thrift shopping with the fam yesterday. I saw a pair of the pointy toed shoes with laces like in you last video. They were a beautiful velvet maroon and I thought my heart was going to stop. I ran up to them just to have my heart sink.😢 They weren't my size. I wear a size 11 to 12 so I have a rather large foot and it hard sometimes to find shoes in my size, but I was hoping beyond hope that they would fit me. They didn't. I wanted to get down but I just let myself be happy for whoever does get those shoes and hope they love them as much as I would have.