Ranking Miscellaneous Monster High Ghouls!

For the conclusion of my Monster High doll ranking series, I look at all the girl dolls left and rank them based on their fashions and design. Including Gigi Grant, Honey Swamp, the werecat twins, Batsy Claro, and many more!
*For adult doll collectors

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24 thoughts on “Ranking Miscellaneous Monster High Ghouls!

  1. I think Kala is supposed to be the daughter of a kraken not a squid, that’s why she has four arms with the spikes and the mermaid tail part with the tentacles. I think her design is really interesting just not the best they could’ve done imo.

  2. I think the issue with elizzabat dolls is they tend to forget elizzabat is more gothic Lolita while draculaura is pastel gothic Lolita, so them adding so much bright colors onto her just made her feel like draculaura with purple hair if it makes sense

    Gigi I lowky wish they plaid more into her Arabic culture/genie aesthetic, her dolls feel so random in a way?? And just don’t scream Gigi at all to me , new scream master is the perfect example of what I wish they did with her dolls

  3. Also if there was ever a time to take a leap into ever after high I feel like hearing your ranking from the point if not being a collector of it would be super interesting and since ever after high is the sister school to mh it's both totally different and the same

  4. Hope you continue this series with more doll brands. Like a season 2

    Perfect: river styxx, elissabat ghouls getaway, honey swamp freak du chic, honey swamp og, Jane bootlitle ghouls getaway, kiyomi haunterly, Lorna mcnessie, Luna mothews party, meowledy ghouls getaway, sirena von boo, skelita og, vandala doubloons

    My own addition great aka good +: amanita nightshade og, bonita femur, elissabat og, Gigi new scaremester, gooliope cirque du chic, isi dawndancer, Jane bootlitle gloom and bloom, Jane bootlitle og, Marisol coxi, meowledy and purrsephone zombie shake, nefera boo york, nefera og, skelita art class, skelita scarnival, Wydowna spider og

    Good: amanita scream and sugar, batsy claro, cupid, posea reef, wisp og, wisp I heart fashion, Elle eedee at the party, Gigi grant og, gooliope shriekwrecked, kala mer'ri, Luna mothews street wear, moanica dkay og, scream and sugar nefera? I thought that was Cleo, ghoul fair scarah screams, I heart fashion scarah, skelita collector, zombie gaga, dracubecca, lagoonafire

    Good but not for me: avea trotter (in the movies it's ay-vee-ah), casta fierce, Dayna jones, Elle eedee street wear, Gigi field trip, Gigi maul monsteristas, bloodgood, Peri and pearl, kjersti trollson, mouscedes king party, meowledy and purrsephone og, mystery moanica, skelita scaritage, viperine gorgon og

    Mediocre: astra nova, gilda goldstag, elissabat londoom, Gigi basic, I heart accessories honey swamp, iris clops og, mouscedes king street wear, meowledy and purrsephone fearleading, meowledy and purrsephone scooter, scarah screams og, scarah student council, silvi timberwolf electrified, treesa thornwillow, viperine scare and makeup, Wydowna spider I heart fashion, clawvenus

    Bad but it gets worse: Clawdia og, elissabat ghoul fair, Gigi geek shriek, iris I heart fashion, ballerina moanica, scarah screams freaky fusion, viperine londoom, Cleo lei

    Burn it: Clawdia wolf family

    Phew that was an undertaking

  5. I actually love the hair color on Shriek Wrecked Gooliope *but* the hair quality left a lot to be desired and the dress was super underwhelming.

    If you ever decide to sell Kala's body let me know I love using her for customs 😂

  6. I would of left to dolls that had 2 or less dolls. I feel if they got more then that they deserve another character like supporting characters. I’m actually shocked and I probably knew some of them got as many as 4 but forgot cause I’m just with someone eh good but not for me and others who I loved only got one Lorna & Sirena idk I never got the hate for Great Scarrier Reef I’m glad I was not paying attention to online except I’d probably saved a lot of money cause they got really cheap, it’s the only line in past I bought the entire line straight out I was excited I think they are so well done and I collect mermaids too, so monster mermaids I lost my mind. Idk I do have attachments to characters though cause I watch the show and movies and kinda consider my knowledge is above average definitely not expert but this IS my fandom so

  7. Tiktok is such a wild platform. I've never seen another popular social media site as toxic as it, but then again I don't use a whole lot of social media. I'm glad to see that you don't seem to be taking the negative comments to heart, at least on the outside. Then again, it's okay to be upset! I'm a very sensitive person lol, so I would definitely understand if some things from Tiktok or the internet in general get to you. 💕
    Also, the original Claudia doll does have glasses! I don't normally like doll glasses/sunglasses just because they tend to look like big hunks of plastic, but Claudia's are actually done so well!

  8. The original Jane Boolittle seemed just cute in the pictures I saw online, but when I saw her in person in a shop I just fell in love and bought her without thinking twice.

    And I love, love Kala… Besides her beautiful face and cool squid details, that "80s Tropical Sunset" colour scheme she's got is right up my alley 😅

  9. Wow this is a lot of dolls. Have enjoyed hearing your thoughts even if we haven't always agreed on everything. XD

    Here's mine
    Perfect: Bonita, Casta, Elissabat, Scaremester Gigi, Isi (Absolutely love her!), Honey, Freak duChic Honey, Kiyomi, Werecat Twins, Zombie Shake Twins, Getaway Meowlody (Do wish we got Purrsephone aswell but LOVE), Nefera, Boo York Nefera, 2-pack Nefera, Fashion Scarah, Sirena, Scaritage Skelita, Vandala, Viperine, Cleolei <3
    Good: River, Dayna, Posea, Fashion Whisp, Whisp, GF Elissabat (Wish it wasn't quite so simple but I love), Getaway Elissabat, Gigi, Maul Gigi, Fashion Iris, SDCC Iris, Jane, Getaway Jane, GloomBloom Jane, Scooter Twins, Ghoul Fair Scarah, Lorna, Luna (Both), Art Class Skelita, Skelita, Zomby Gaga, SDCC Wydowna, Dracubecca
    Not for me: Amanita, Amanita, Avea, Batsy, Cupid, Clawdia, Ghoulebrities Elissabat, Field Trip Gigi, Original Goolipe, Bloodgood, Accessories Honey (It's the dress I don't like), Peri+Pearl, Kjersti, SDCC Scarah, Fusion Scarah, Collector Skelita, Fashion Wydowna
    Mediocre: Astranova, 4-pack Clawdia, Basic Gigi, Geek Shriek Gigi, Shriekwrecked Goolipe, Marisol, Fearleading Twins, MH Moanica, Ghoulebrities Viperine, Makeup Viperine, Lagoonafire,
    Bad: Gilda, Kala, Boo York Elle Edee (Both), Mouscedes (Both), Student Scarah, Silvi (Love her base design but not electrified), Treesa, Carnival Skelita, Clawvenus, Moanica
    Burn it: Ballerina Moanica

    Little sad you put Cleolei in bad giving she's perfect for me! I absolutely love everything about that fusion. Everything works for me but at the end of the day these are YOUR opinions, no one should be mad at you for that! We can disagree on things and that's perfectly ok! 🙂

  10. as someone who really liked ghoulia a lot, I never really saw moanica as a replacement. I found her personality and design different enough for her to stand on her own and wouldn't even mind seeing her back. Ari though…

  11. Thank you for taking the time to rank these dolls and make this video. I agreed with A LOT of your opinions lol. Like the Perfect section, I 100% agree with!

  12. I love elissabat's really basic red purple doll even though she is basic lol probably because i have a similar dress. scarah screams is definitely my favorite non main character ghoul same w iris clops. i actually have never seen gooliope's shriekwrecked doll it is ugly but the only one i have never seen. jane boolittle is pretty i wish she was in a monster high movie. I love Luna and which I saw her more same w Wydowna. I am just writing my opinions whoop

  13. I love these videos and think it's perfectly fine for you to have your own opinions on the dolls. No one should be getting mad at you for that. We all have different taste and even though I like some of all the dolls you don't, that's okay. I'm really interested to see what you will be bringing in the future 🙂 Maybe there are other doll lines you haven't ranked that you could do. Or if you want to mainly focus on MH, I'm sure you will come up some fun things. Take care Sweetie 🙂 <3

  14. It will be long, I don't know why I did it, but I really wanted to, so I'll leave it here…

    In fact, I realized a long time ago that I don't like most of the main character designs. I want Claudine, but only because I want to do micro braids on someone, and I feel that it would be most appropriate to do it on her. I love a good chunk of what I'd say are late characters that got one doll.

    I absolutely adore and own – Bonita Femur(my first MH doll) , Gigi Grant, Gooliope Jellington, Jinafire Long , Robecca Steam, Twyla Boogeyman, Honey Swamp, Luna Mothews – all basic + Howleen Wolf 13 wishes.

    I love them, but I don't have them in my collection (yet), although I would really like to and plan to – Venus McFlytrap, Batsy Claro, Elle Eedee, Isi Dawndancer , Kjersti Trollsøn, Lorna McNessie, Peri and Pearl Serpentine , Vandala Doubloons , Viperine Gorgon – all basic , + Iris Clops and Manny Taur (which I highly doubt will happen, so at least Iris and she can be nude. I don't really like her outfit in the public release)

    If I had that kind of money, I would buy it without talking – Freak du Chic. ALL

    I love the basic doll, so I'm waiting for the moment to buy a nude with nice makeup – Skelita Calaveras , Operetta, Rochelle Goyle, Abbey Bominable – I'd like it in the basic edition (dressed), but I won't be disappointed if I get it without clothes, or in other editions. For some reason, Operetta dolls especially often appeal to me in one way, but I really dislike something else about doll at the same time. Scarah Screams, Wydowna Spider, Djinni Grant, Mouscedes King – I'm just not interested in their clothes, I'd be more than happy to sew them something myself. Cleo de Nile is also specifically in the Boo York, Boo York or Gloom and Bloom edition. Catty Noir in Boo York, Boo York (or another edition, only without gloves and with long hair. I want to have at least one of the cats, but I still haven't decided which one, because they are often too boring for me)

    i'm on defense about Avea Trotter, Heath Burns, Invisi Billy, Jane Boolittle, Neighthan Rot, Sirena Von Boo, Nefera de Nile. I will take them for a good price in a set with someone, but I am unlikely to buy only them from the seller

    It was a good idea, but it's not for me – Finnegan Wake , Gilda Goldstag, Kala Mer'ri , Marisol Coxi, Posea Reef,Kieran Valentine( I would like to have him, but although his clothes are very detailed, they are not worth the money that is being asked for them, because the clothes are not that unique (in the sense of design) and the doll does not have an extremely interesting body either. But I understand why others fall for him, and I love the idea of him being gay.

    Insulted that the Seth Ptolemy doll doesn't exist – when everyone was cheering for the leaked accessories from the Egyptian doll that turned out to be a collectible LOL, I was praying to the doll gods that it was Seth Ptolemy (Pharaoh from Boo York, Boo York)

    Sorry, but the doll was ugly – Zombie Gaga. A new kind of drawing, a banal costume, chewing gum, a strange box, and in general a strange collaboration. Ghostbusters made more sense than Zomby Gaga.

    I'm not interested in other dolls that I didn't mention. There are many that I consider ugly, but I will not list them.

    Waiting for me to pick it up from the post office – River Styxx – my 25th birthday present. The accessory set isn't complete, but I'm super excited to get her, even considering she'll have one arm from Twyla. Sooner or later I hope to find the right hand, and until then I might even pretend it's a prosthetic.

    Spent a lot of time just writing all this. It's hard to imagine how long you spend preparing for this. The video was excellent, and so was the whole series. Pretty sure I found you on the Frankie video. I am very glad that it happened.💙💛☠

  15. 😢🤧🥺 It’s sad to see this series come to an end but I want to thank you for sharing your honest opinions throughout the series even tho you knew it wasn’t the popular opinion! It really kept things fresh and fun. I’m looking forward to what other series you come up w next 🙂