Steampunk BEER CAN Party Hat! MAD HATTER Crochet Top Hat Tutorial

Yesss! Love how this hat looks on my hubs. Ha! He can wear a Beer Can Hat that’s for sure. Finally! A decent mad hatter style top hat tutorial.

I really want to make this again in the super fancy style with a beer can flower. Heh. I think I will at some point.

Meanwhile, I hope you have fun with this design. It would make an excellent St. Patrick’s day drinkin hat. If someone doesn’t offer to buy it off your head, I will be shocked.

I hope someone is out there making these bad boys, I’m just plugging along here doing my thing. Leave me a comment, let me know what you think. Share with other weirdo crocheters, I could use a little company around here.

More details about this design, possibly easier to see in colors:
Mad Hatter QUEEN Beer Can Crown Crochet Tutorial:

3D BEER CAN Flower | Crochet Nerd Party Trick

My First, most detailed Beer Can Hat basics tutorial:

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Featuring North Coast Brewing Co Old Rasputin RI Stout.

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