the uncontrollable urge of the rich to cosplay poverty

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Discussing poor core, also known as the poverty chic aesthetic, how it’s appeared in many forms throughout fashion history and the phenomenon of the rich paying exorbitant amounts of money for distressed, dirty clothing in their desperation to look cool. Talking about the online cancellation of the fashion brand Magnolia Pearl for their hobo inspired clothing and looking into their ethics and sustainability practices as a company.

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00:00 – intro
00:34 – Magnolia Pearl tiktok roast
02:56 – Skillshare
04:16 – what do “the poors” even wear?
08:14 – Balenciaga’s cry for attention
08:49 – the issue of art censorship
09:43 – why tech bros are the worst
10:24 – the true (fashion) crime nobody is talking about
13:12 – how should “the rich” spend their money?
15:11 – visual class segregation…?
16:52 – the evolution of “roasts”

Alice Cappelle: the working class aesthetic is cool now…?
The Ultimate Fashion History: THE ULTIMATE FASHION HISTORY: The 1830s & 1840s
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Steampunk festival goers ‘punking pop culture’, making cosplay accessible | Features | ABC Australia

At first glance, steampunk might look like a celebration of the 19th century England but dig a bit deeper and it’s anything but.

Even though steampunks are styled in top hats, coat tails, corsets and aviator goggles from the Victorian era they certainly don’t share those sensibilities.

Instead, they seek to combine steam technology, mechanical engineering and beautiful fashion with sustainable practices and inclusive attitudes.

According to one professional steampunk, “It’s taking the all the good parts of the Victorian era and punking the bad parts, it’s actually quite beautiful in that way.”

Besides punking the archaic elements of the Victorian area, steampunk also turns traditional cosplay often associated with youthful, pop culture on its head.

It’s all about original characters, rejecting fast-fashion, and being able to tinker and upcycle.

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