5/11/23 Throwback Thursday, Dusk beach, & Painting Gulfcart in St. Pete, Florida

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About XZanthia

Hi! Thanks for watching! Please leave a comment and I shall reply!

I am an artist, in almost every sense of the word. I do steampunk sculptures, oil and acrylic paintings, filmmaking, music, poetry, costumes, makeup & body paint, interior design, and acting in movies as well as lead singer in my band ( Jupiters Thunder ). I also play the keyboard and cello badly. Ha ha.

I currently have a house & art studio in St Petersburg Florida as well as 10 acres near Sarasota, Florida in the woods.

I am a massage therapist and have a clinic at my art studio where I take clients twice a week from 5 in the morning till midnight. I am a workaholic, rarely taking time off or sleeping long. I have been like this my whole life.

As a certified paleontologist, I also went to college for oceanography and marine biology. Although science and history are something that interests me immensely, I chose to go in the direction of an artist. Although these studies still take a very large part of my life and time. I watch documentaries nightly. As well as go on world adventures and digs. I’m also a certified scuba, diver, and sailor.

My income comes from numerous avenues. Massage Therapy and my steampunk orders. During COVID I started doing adult modeling however my passion is film and music making as well as travel and this Daily Life show I create. Which I hope will generate income again at some point however, I had to start all over from scratch when my channel was deleted two years ago with all of my contacts. At that time I was monetized and had a lot of Patreon members. I currently do not have my YouTube monetized for I still do not have enough views, and I only have four Patreon members, although I still have my old members on many of my credits at the end of my videos. I do plan to update that at some point. I’m currently working on getting more views and followers as well as the style of my show.

I was born in Lawrence Massachusetts on September 25, 1979. I don’t nor have I ever smoked, drank, or done drugs. My muse is my manic depression and I am prolific because of the push of my mortality.

A lot of death and abandonment surrounds my current life and childhood. I was in foster care for most of my childhood between my parents that were not able or willing to have a child. I have lost several of my partners/lovers to death since age 16, and so many close friends I have lost count. So the friends I do have I hold on to for decades. I’m now close to both my parents and I have been supporting my mother since 2007. My older brother died of a heroin overdose in 2017. I watched him struggle my whole life as much of my family which is probably the reason for my choice to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

I am polyamorous, currently in 2 long-term relationships, PJ for 13 years and Noah for 2 years. I have a home separate but with each of my boyfriends. I have been poly since 1997.

I just recently came upon these old videos from when I had the nudist resort. And we were all on lockdown together during Covid. Please enjoy and check out all of my new stuff!

Hmmmm. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment. I do reply to all comments.


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C.C. And Steampunk Girl Take A Picture With Charizard #charizard #codegeass #steampunk #comiccon

Hello lovely people, here’s some video of us from Tidewater Comicon 2023. We opted to make a Steampunk cosplay and a Code Geass C.C. cosplay. #convention #conventions #comiccon #pokémon #animeconvention #animecon #cosplaygirl #cosplayer #cosplay #blackcosplayer #cosplayanime #animecosplay #animefans

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