MegaCon Orlando 2023

Megacon event at Orlando 2023, biggest one yet. Video broken down into several categories:

0:00 – 0:45 Entrance
0:45 – 2:55 Red Carpet
2:55 – 3:45 Black Adam
3:45 – 4:21 Black Canary
4:21 – 5:13 DC Comics
5:13 – 6:09 Emma Frost
6:09 – 6:44 Jack of Hearts
6:44 – 7:26 Marvel Comics
7:26 – 8:27 Anime & Games
8:27-10:22 TV & Movies
10:22-12:18 Steampunk
12:18-13:25 Misc

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Megacon cosplay showcase 1!

had a wonderful time at megacon this weekend in Birmingham! saw so many talented cosplayers, thank you to all who came to my stall!

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