The EDC Mexico Festival was ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!

I went to one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in the world, hosted in Mexico City and it was completely wild!! [EDC Mexico 2023 vlog]
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Electric Daisy Carnival started in 1997 and is the largest electronic dance music festival in the world. But it’s not just here in Mexico. Vegas hosts the biggest EDC and there are other EDCs around the world that all attract international visitors by the millions. At this event, there were about 50,000 people in attendance each night.

EDC event is filled with carnival rides, food, activities, creative totems, super cool people who go all out with their outfits/props/makeup, and some of the most famous electronic DJs on the planet. The lineup this year includes people like Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Marshmellow, Nicky Romero, Galantis, Eric Prydz, Illenium, Alok, and dozens more. There are six main stages and numerous smaller ones with DJs playing music all throughout the event.

The price for tickets depends on how early you buy them, but for my 3-day general admission pass I paid about $200 USD. Our round-trip shuttle for all three nights was 600 pesos per person (about $30 USD). Inside the event, you can buy food, water, adult beverages, and more. The event goes from about 2pm to 2am all 3 nights which is exactly as insane as it sounds.

– Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking about 30-40k steps per night
– Drink lots of water – it’s very easy to get dehydrated
– Bring a totem so you can stick together with your group
– Don’t forget earplugs since it gets very loud sometimes
– Check the EDC website beforehand for prohibited items like unsealed chapstick & gum, liquids, cigarettes, etc.)
– Download the Insomniac app ahead of time (or save pictures to your phone) so you have access to an event map and setlist of all the DJs
– Plan what DJs you want to see ahead of time so you don’t miss your favorite artists
– Watch your valuables! Phone left is an especially big problem at EDC

Day in My Life in Mexico vlog

Hi, I’m Maddie, former partner of Tangerine Travels, a travel vlog with over 350 videos that I helped build for 4 years to over 250k subscribers. I’m originally from Arizona and have been living in Mexico since 2018. These days, I’m traveling around Mexico, doing the “solo female travel” thing.

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34 thoughts on “The EDC Mexico Festival was ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!

  1. I was a raver/club kid in the 90's. I even had my own party company. Thank you for filming this. Brought back so many memories. I got so many goosebumps. I may be heading to Mexico next year for this hahah

  2. Hi Maddie! I noticed that your group and yourself didn’t take any hydration packs, was it because they don’t have water stations over there or you guys didn’t trust the water?

  3. son muy lindas las fiestas lo unico que noo mira los videos son personas que nooo tiene dinero ir a essas fiestas carisimas en mexico hay medio pueblo pobres y medio pueblo que vive con lo minimo pagar la renta y comida en brasil syyy hay fiestas muy grandes gratis en las cales asy todos los brasileños disfruta la beleza de la vida mexico e solo para ricos brasil e para todos ser persona

  4. HI Maddie, what a great video! I also loved the Oaxaca video, your best ever. Congrats on getting your grove back and getting out of Ajijic. I am curious how your dry 2023 has been for you so far, has it been hard? Have you felt health benefits from it?

  5. I love going to shows.. That's awesome you choose not to drink and kept to that the whole time. It gets hard being the x drinker in a group of partiers. Sending happy dancing vibes.

  6. Some ppl here in Phoenix have no clue that big events go to Mexico city yearly, the biggest bands on the planet always make a stop here. From metal, pop, electronic and beyond. I miss my city.

  7. No way in hell I'd go to anything in Mexico haha that government ls more corrupt and controlled then our own and they just love to throw innocent people in horrible jails there.

  8. You look super amazing and super powerful!Thanks for sharing your fun!!! I enjoy seeing your accomplishments from way back until now. You’re inspiring and courageous! Cheers Maddie!