The Impossible Task of Costuming Time Travel | Doctor Who

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41 thoughts on “The Impossible Task of Costuming Time Travel | Doctor Who

  1. 16:30 In the classic/comic/big finish series, it is stated that Timelords are usually touch-telepaths, and that the doctor tends to wear long sleeves to prevent accidental mental intrusions, and though canon is hard to determine in other media, that could just be a thing of courtesy in their culture.

  2. I kinda wanna point out a very funny yet extremely in character thing for the daleks, and more specifically the Robomen in Daleks invasion of Earth (and the movie) in the show they're mostly just a bunch of guys with weird robot parts on their heads and some 1960s era clothing with dalek lettering branded on it. It's in character for the daleks to not care about the slaves they own and also kinda funny. What's funnier is the movie cause they have a "Uniform." Which is basically just a human sized bin bag, and helmet. Which is again funny but also in character for the daleks to give them what is basically just a body bag with arms and legs.

  3. Awe man I so have to watch this with my Lovebird. She loves your videos and special effects. So have the two in one movie is Amazing.

    (Special effects is anything out of the normal everyday things she knows.)

    It’s cute as some times she gets excited and let’s us know that there are special effects on the tv.

  4. I've always loved when Doctor Who has futuristic or non-Earth characters wearing historical clothing like Professor Yana or whatever the hell the situation was where Strax is initially shown in A Good Man Goes To War. Just no context historical outfits in space. Amazing.

  5. For about 1,5 years I was basically off the face of the planet/internet because of a sudden break-up and a thesis that both needed to be dealt with, and stopped watching many a content creator (or at least stopped watching regularly) for no apparent reason. I finally mentally have the space again to branch out a bit, so watching one of your videos again after not doing so for so long feels like catching up with an old friend. I've missed you, and am very happy I can get myself to watch you again ❤
    The only positive thing about this is that I can binge watch all your videos from the past 1,5 years that I hadn't before, which is a treat!

    Also I love Dr Who and love your explanations of things so this combo is *chef's kiss*, or should I say, `tis peak!

  6. I absolutely adore and strive to have your interest and commitment to contextualization! I watched this video to send it to my sister and oh Lord I couldn't be farther from disappointment. Sincerely, thank you! 💗

  7. I wonder if, like Star Trek original series, they actually wrote stories around sets and costumes available to them. Guessing it might have some impact.