Whitby Goth Weekend April 2023 Royal Emporium Steampunk

The first Whitby Goth Weekend, sometimes referred to as WGW took place on 28th-30th April 2023.

I was in Whitby by chance on 30th so took the opportunity to film a few of the folk dressed in strange, but wonderful costumes.

The next WGW will be on 27th – 29th October 2023

Whitby is also famous for the Steampunk weekends and gathering throughout the year.

The Royal Emporium III took place at the same time as the ‘goth weekend’

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11 thoughts on “Whitby Goth Weekend April 2023 Royal Emporium Steampunk

  1. Very nice impromptu capture Brian. I am one of the Halloween Goths, seldom get to Whitby in summer. Of course the evenings are all about live music, fantastic events and awesome friends but what I love about Whitby town in the day on top of the obvious beauty, history and boat rides is the fact that Goths, Steampunks, Cosplayers and locals are all doing the Halloween thing, it's a delightful inclusive safe place to be not to mention family and dog friendly. My favorite town.

  2. Hi Brian. This was a really nice Goth weekend. A lot of interesting costumes and people. I visited Gothic Treffen in Germany once ten years ago and it has the same atmosphere like this festival. Thank you for nice video. Have a nice week. Sretana and Zac. 🖐😄🤗

  3. Great video Brian , It looks a beautiful place and these goth weekends sound brilliant. The costumes are amazing and with the abbey there it makes the perfect setting. The harbour area is beautiful . Loved the pianist too 🙂 ~ Anna 👍

  4. I would love to attend Whitby weekend. It looks like such a splendid time. I dress in Victorian clothing so I would fit in well. The goths with the death hawks look awesome! Def cool!

  5. From what I gather, most of these people are only in costume. A majority of them not actually Goth. I did however notice you managed to capture a few real Goths amongst the crowd. A few ladies rocking a death hawk. Lest we forget that Goth is a music based subculture and lifestyle.🕸️💀🦇

  6. Nice one Brian, really good video ! I was there too you know, how didn't I see you hahaha !!!
    P.S. I did notice your selfie at the start , lovely dress ! I didn't know you were in to that sort of stuff haha …